Our hosting plans include on-site backup within your disk quota. If/when you run out of disk space you have the option to purchase more disk space or start using off-site backup.

The benefit to off-site backup is that your data is safer since it will be in a physically different location than the server's drives. You may also want to choose this for mission-critical data.

Another option we offer is to write your site onto cd/dvd and mail it to you. This may be more expensive on a per-incident basis but may also be less expensive in the long run for a site which has infrequent content changes.

Since the costs of these services are so variable we negotiate them on a per-site and per-incedent basis in order to provide you with the best option for the best price.
Third-level Domains

Tired of searching through the always-taken .COMs? We offer affordable and available Third-Level Domain registration on our intuitively named base domains. Choose from YourDomain.athi5.com, YourDomain.myhigh5.com, or YourDomain.ez-clan.com. Suggest us a new and available base domain! If we adopt it we will give you a FREE Third-Level Domain on top of it for as long as we own the domain.
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