The Internet was designed to be a world-wide consortium of people helping one another, in a "You scratch my back I'll scratch yours" kind of way. In that spirit, we have scoured the net to find you services that will help you with setting up your website. Please note that these services are not actually a part of High 5 Systems, but simply offer products and services that we feel would be valuable to you, our client, that we do not, at this time, ourselves provide.

4Templates.com A very easy to use site, with over 1100 low cost, royalty-free Website Templates to choose from. With its versityle Search Engine, you can search from many different categories and themes for your website, including Flash and DHTML.
PayPal.com An amazing system that you've probably already heard of... A low-cost, easy to set up system that allows your customers (and ours) to pay for their purchases online, using almost any type of credit card (and in some cases even Debit Cards) without your business needing its own Merchant Account (which is often expensive and full of its own hassles).
High5Systems.com Ok, you're saying "Wait a minute! That's you guys!". You're right! Make money doing our work for us! We give CASH for paid referrals for our services. Click here for more information...

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