TitleWeb Browser Compatibility on Your Site
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At minimum your site should display well in the most current browsers. At best it should display in the current browsers and in the previous version of the browser. Because technologies are constantly changing and older browsers do not always support the latest Web development techniques this can be a very frustrating task.

  • Consider using different style sheets for different browsers when one will not get the job done.
  • Unless you know your audience is exclusively on one platform using a specific browser it is good to test your Website on various browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. At minimum, test using Microsoft Explorer and Netscape on both Mac and PC platforms.
  • Be sure to include a text-based browser in your testing such as lynx, to see how it displays to Unix users, as well as disabled users who use adaptive technologies that are text-based. If you do not have access to a text-based browser you can also turn off the images in your graphic browser preferences too approximate what it would look like for a viewer using a text-based browser.

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